Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday… Test Driving Microsoft Live Writer on a self-declared National Day of Nothing

From 2011-11 (Nov)

Having a hard time finding my groove today.  Tinkering with some tech stuff.  Planned on sitting down and getting through some photos today, and I probably will later, but I just haven’t got there yet and I do not want to sit here at the computer all damned day.  If I leave it with the few photos that I have uploaded to Photobucket and flikr today, I will call it a victory.

There is enough sitting in front of the computer all day ahead of me in the coming weeks.
I am writing this on MS Live Writer.  This might be the new posting method.  Just tinkering…  We’ll see.  There are some things that I am liking about this already.  Essentially it just comes down to working with it for a while and seeing if it is helping with my efficiency or just being a pain in the ass that I do not want to deal with.

Hootesuite is another experiment like this.  So far, a couple weeks in now, I’ve gone from loving it, to hating it, to somewhere in the middle.  Considering that it is a paid service, I want to really be sure before I start giving them six bucks a month.  Then again, I just realized, I am not using any of the paid features these days.  For free, it is probably worth adding permenently to my tool box.
Life…  Busy busy couple weeks.  Two Occupation events, One Day On Earth, more photos and videos than I can shake a big stick at, and deadlines for processing all of that content.  Yesterday I was too burned out to do much.  Today, not feeling much better.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint, but through some stretches, you got to put a little gas into it.

In other news, the first term is over for the big one.  Conference on Monday.  Should be interesting.  Not all finalized yet, but this is what his grades are looking like right now…

2011 Fall Jack GPA 2011-11-18
I do not expect any surprising changes on the final report card, though there is one big essay project that he completed at home that may be counted as some extra credit points in Language Arts that has not hit yet…

So, for those keeping count, for his graded classes…

  • Three Fs
  • One D
  • One B (Study Hall)

However, looking at his day to day grades over the last month or so, there is no reason for him not to be earning Cs and Bs in all of his classes winter term.  It is just hard to get all the way back to good when you earn zero points for close to the first third of the term.

Tests are going to be the challenge for Winter Term, and maintaining the habits he is building now when I go back to work and he has to take on some more responsibility when it comes to his homework. 

For tests, he is still bombing most of them.  If it were not for that, he probably would have passed most of his classes this term (except for L.A.). 

As for his study habits, we spent many long hours the last couple months working at home on the work he should have been completing in class.  Towards the end, though, he realized that if he wanted to do anything after school other than chores and homework, he needed to start working in class, and he started turning that around.

The challenge will come when I go back to work.  He and his mother will be responsible for getting the work done then.  From what I saw this trimester, they aren’t where they need to be yet to get that done successfully yet. 


Time to post.  That rock ain’t rolling itself up the hill today.


Okay… Post-posting analysis of this posted post!  Chew on that. 

Picasa picture did not come through right.  I added in the old school link for the big picture through Blogger.  Little thumbnail is all that came through from Window Live Writer.   

However, I did see how to add that source code in through the MS application, so that may not be a deal killer yet. 

Now, if I can set up templates for my common daily and weekly posts, that may make me love this program (or other, better non-MS ones like it that I find later) forever!

Posting the update… More opportunities for success and failure.


Spacing issues on the post… could be due to some other tweaking I did.  The update looks fine, so far.  We’ll see.  Do not need to ever use any program that would require me to reformat the whole post every time I update to fix a typo…


Isn’t this fun?  With my OCD I can do this all damn day!  Yes, definitely starting to notice a warm fuzzy feeling with this program.  Updating the update, very smooth.  Now time to just run with it for a while and see how it goes. 

Still need to look into templates…

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE…. Ah, enough of that….

Checking out support for tumblr.  tumblr may have been an idea that does not have legs.  I like the service, but I just do not have time to post everything twice.  Still checking out the cross-posting tools here, though.  That might just save the day.

If not, while I will not get rid of tumblr, it may need to find a new purpose.  As I explained, I like it, but it does not seem to play well with others.

……Whoa….   Related Posts plug in?!?  Kiss me deeply and call me Bambi…  I’ve found my home…  If it works.  Well.

Times for updates… That is the new plan….  2:02 PM

Related posts… uses  Cross posting feature, one of the options, also messes with…  New accounts being set up.  Blah.  MORE WORK! 

Taking over the internet one post at a time is pretty detailed work!

And I still have no idea if the related posts feature will be worth all of this, but it is a feature I’ve wanted to add to the Rubblebase sites for awhile, so onward with the new account set up…

2:27 PM

Delicious link stacks set up.…  Well, it all links up to everything, so I may have some issues with multiple posting for a bit until I get that sorted out.  I may want to, again, disconnect everything.  Or not.  That might kill Hootesuite for me.  It just depends on whether or not, in the long run, I want to post to social media manually or automatically…, though, may handle tumblr. 

As usual, a whole lot of new, a whole lot of change, all at once.  It will take a while to sort it all out.

3:45 PM

Ran through a bunch of stuff with  Flooded everything with lots of testing spam.  I think I have most of it cleaned up now, but maybe I missed some someplace…

I may be able to tweak that account into being something really useful, but right now it is pretty much just an “Emergency Broadcast System” for my blogs… A post there is a post everywhere.  That can be useful, especially for things like, “I lost my phone, please use Jenna’s number to reach me.”  But other than that?

Time to finish up with the Windows Live Writer set up.  So far, so good.

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