Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stone & Water Calligraphy

Lan Su Chinese Garden. Portland, Oregon. June 16, 2012.


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Turning 13 with Trick Candles & Spitty Cupcakes

The big one's 13th birthday party. August 2012. Gresham, Oregon.


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The World According to Jason: Big Obsidian Flow, Newberry Volcanic National Monument

Newberry Caldera, Newberry Volcanic National Monument, Oregon.  August 19, 2012.

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Beaver Lake 2012

Beaver Lake, Sammamish, Washington. August 15, 2012. Bella actually swimming in a place that featured prominently in Suburban Eschatology Part One! She didn't mean to go swimming, she didn't realize that there was no land underneath the lily pads.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Home again, home again…

Back at Holly Ridge.  Gresham, Oregon.  August 27, 2012.…jiggity jig.

Back home after 14 days in the car and camping with the family.

2301.2 miles.  72.04 hours driving.  Average speed of 32 MPH.  Tells you what sorts of roads we were on…  And one flat tire!

Newberry Volcanic National Monument.  Crater Lake National Park.  Redwoods National & State Parks.  Various cool spots along the way…  Other than the flat on the last day, it was a fun trip and everyone had a great time.

Many, many, many pictures will be up at some point.  However, considering the fact that I still don’t have all my photos up from last summer’s big trips, it might take a while.

I will probably focus first on the family photos (those are all up from last year’s trips), but I will also be throwing others into the mix along the way.

DIstance: 2301.2 Miles.  14 day summer camping vacation.   Gresham, Oregon.  August 27, 2012.Average Speed: 32 MPH.  14 day summer camping vacation.   Gresham, Oregon.  August 27, 2012.Drive Time: 72 hours, 4 minutes.  14 day summer camping vacation.   Gresham, Oregon.  August 27, 2012.

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