Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zombies, soccer moms... Is there really that much difference?

Swiped from Cracked: "That's 300 percent more phallic than an actual penis."
Let's get an actual story about one possible eschaton up on the blog that is supposedly, but not really, about eschatology...  (Or is it?)
7 Famous Zombie Movie Weapons (That Would Get You Killed) |
Zombies are the best imaginary enemy because they let you indulge in psychotic fantasies while still pretending to be the good guy. You're not a demented serial killer, you HAVE to slaughter your way through the crowds of people you see every day! Except they're all brain-damaged and incapable of teamwork! That's less sporting than an ice hockey team versus a figure skater, and even more fun. But it's only fun because, like all daydreams, you only imagine the good bits. Very few people daydream about their own failures and pointless unnoticed deaths (and those that do are safely channeled into reality TV). Here's how seven spectacular anti-zombie weapons will get you killed.

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