Monday, November 21, 2011

Kindle Fire vs. iPad

I am not sure that I want either…  But there are a lot of things I now find indispensible that I, at one time, never wanted.  Being a bit of an anti-technology luddite, it takes me awhile to warm up to these things…

Kindle Fire review: Amazon’s new tablet isn’t nearly as good as the iPad. But it’s really cheap - Slate Magazine:

I found that it delivers: Amazon set out to build an underachieving tablet, and that’s exactly what it got.
Fans of the iPad will regard these flaws as losing the whole ballgame, and many will dismiss Amazon’s device as just another in a long line of failed iPad killers. But that would be shortsighted. The Fire’s got a lot of problems, but none of them outweighs its one overriding advantage: It’s super cheap. In my few days using the device, I managed to do pretty much everything that I like to do on my iPad. Still, when you take into account its reduced capabilities and inferior interface, I’d rate the Fire as something like 70 percent of an iPad. When you consider that the Fire costs only 40 percent as much as Apple’s tablet, though, that’s not a bad deal.

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