Sunday, November 20, 2011

A strange trip through the past year…

From 2011-11 (Nov)

I didn’t re-read everything I migrated over from the old Live Journal blog tonight, other than glancing at a few paragraphs here and there…

The last year was an uncommon year.  An unusual year.  And it is a year I hope not to have to repeat ever again.

A lot of “spam” out to the social networks today.  Looks like Facebook and Twitter quit taking the Hootsuite posts.  Maybe I should have scheduled them.  That would have been more work than it was worth, though.

Now, as I go back through the remaining nine years worth of posts, I am not going to post them at the top of the blog, I am going to back date them.  But I knew this was a lightly posted though eventful year, so I thought it would be interesting (okay, maybe a few years from now) to have the details sorted out in order like this.  Of course, since they are out of sequence now, I may never be able to find them later!

Blah.  A couple chores and then bed.  Long day tomorrow.

The main reason I wanted to jam through all of that, though, was to test out the new posting system, and I would call it a success.  Also, I was able to populate with a lot of posts from all four blogs to help get the new “Related Posts” app up, running, and functional.


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