Monday, December 17, 2012

December Is a Cruel Month

From Rubble: December is a cruel month

Two images tell most of the story…

Fullscreen capture 12172012 112748 AM.bmp

Against the Dying Word Counts.xlsx 12172012 111710 AM.bmp

The first is a countdown on the One Day site for the deadline for us submitting our films.  The second is progress on my novel.  See a connection?

On top of this, I am not on some sort of artist’s retreat down here is Sacramento, I have a lot of hard work to do to get my mother and I out of here by the time my kids’ winter break is done.

Finally, I have a couple of days’ worth of prep work on some photography contests with an end of the year deadline.  I will probably be using pictures from the big August camping trip, most of which I have not looked at since, well, August.

So, a while back I set a sort of deadline for myself…  I would like to have the first draft of the novel done by February 1.  This is still achievable, even if little work is done until the last two weeks of January. 

We have 21 days or so to get the move done.  And I have 26 days to get my video done, which should go a lot better than last year’s since I have a better computer to work with and “better” clips shot with a better camera.

It is a much more complicated video, I suspect, than last year’s, and I am breaking it down into segments, the first of which I’ve already completed (long weekend).  The only thing really intimidating me about the video right now is how many clips I have to run through and organize, and some untested, by myself, editing techniques that I hope to use with some of them.

And the arts work will be morning and evening work with the days spent working with mom on the move and assorted other issues.

I can do it, but I need to stay focused and I need to remember…  The next couple of months will be full of hard work, but the rewards will be tremendous when it is all complete.

Here is the first completed segment for the video, though it may be the last piece to appear in it.  I’ll also post it as it’s own post later for my own indexing purposes…

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