Sunday, November 20, 2011

Functionality Test # 2


3:58 PM – From SE2 to All 4 Rubble Sites

Success.  But I do not like the permalink deal in the automatic crossposting header…  Fixed.

4:03 PM – Cross-posting tests…

First issue, Live Writer has “forgotten” my API key…

Second issue, has forgotten my e-mail address…And that seems unresolvable at the moment.  Fun. 

4:15 PM – = Duh, Winning!

Can’t get back into my account there.  Pretty sure the error is on their end.  No new user email from them either.  Even checked my spam on Yahoo.  So much for them, for now.

More to test out later.  First cleaning up these posts from the other Blogger sites, then a break…

Then checking into the Related Posts feature and then working on templates for my regular posts. 

So much for my “do nothing” day!  But all of these tools will save me a ton of time in the long run.

4:30 PM – TAG CREATOR APP!!!!!!

Maybe not… clunky and the tool already installed works fine.

Related Posts tool?  Failing so far…

Related Posts

Okay, so that works now.  Log in issue (mine)…

4:40 PM

Getting a strange error message, but it appears to be from the auto posting tool thingy, the last update went onto Blogger just fine… 

Of course, now I am having a strange formatting issue.  Notice?  No, you don’t.  I used my ninja-strength html powers to fix it!

Break time.  For real.  And enough of this.

Next chore… Adding posts to

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