Sunday, January 1, 2012

Iggy the Hamster vs. The Cheese Puff (Video)

Suburban Eschatology Part Two: Iggy the Hamster and the Cheese Puff from A. F. Litt on Vimeo.

So…  Last night while knocking out some old photos from the summer, I found this video that I haven’t done anything yet.  It was late and it was bedtime, but I thought, what the hell?  It’s a fifteen minute job to knock this out and get it posted.

I am having a lot of fun as I work on these little video projects – overall – but the actual practice has turned into a sort of living hell of tech issues.  Needless to say, this simple little video has not been a fifteen minute project.

First I tried to slap it together in Windows Live Movie Maker.  Total fail.  Then I slapped it together with the other editor I’ve been using for most of my recent projects.  Fine, looks great.

Totally jumbled, though, by YouTube.  Never had a problem with that part of the process before.  My problems, until now, have all come before uploading.

One thing is becoming clear...  I believe that I have outgrown my computers.  Upgrading will be goal for Q1 2012.

Ah, joy.  Maybe I should just stick to stills?  Blah… The saga of the hamster video…

10:55 PM, 1/1/12

Waiting for the damn video to upload…  Had it up and was ready to pull the trigger on this post when I noticed that YouTube botched the processing…

11:02 PM, 1/1/12

Same damn problem again.  Going to dump this in a different format and then go to bed.

7:45 AM, 1/2/12

Same problem with the new format.

Uploading it to Vimeo.  We’ll see.  Not sure if the problem is on my end or YouTube’s end…  This should help me figure that out.

7:55 AM, 1/2/12

Just checked on the Vimeo upload and I have to wait 24 minutes for the damn thing to even start processing.  Plus, I need to get a paid account to set up more than one channel / album / organizational grouping for my videos…

I do not think Vimeo will become my go to site for most of my videos, because of these issues.  But YouTube better start working for me!

I am already assuming I will have to go back and reformat this project.  Again.

8:30 AM, 1/2/12

Same problem on Vimeo, though not as bad.  I’ll just leave it how it is.  Deal with the issue the next time out.  However, I am concerned that I may have the same problem with the One Day video when I get back to work on it later today.  That would… will… be a headache.


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