Friday, November 11, 2011

11 11 11

Mine goes to 11 11 11 | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine:

Geeks across teh intertubez are giddy with delight today. Why? Because it’s November 11, 2011, of course! And if you’re in the US, you’d write this as 11/11/11, so of course this tickles the heart of any true mathematically-inclined nerd such as me. now, in the US we put the month first — MM/DD/YY — which is somewhat silly; in England and other realms they write it more logically with the units getting bigger left-to-right, so for them it’s DD/MM/YY, or, contrary to us yanks, 11/11/11.
OK, so anyway, it’s all ones. Why is that cool?
11/11/11 Is "Nerd New Year" -- Here's How to Turn it Up to 11:
Nerds and numerologists get ready: the last binary date of the 21st century is approaching.
Friday is 11/11/11 — a highly significant date if you believe in the power of numbers. No doubt thousands of us will see the preponderance of ones as a good time to turn over a new leaf — start that new diet or exercise routine, perhaps. There is some logic to this: as a memorable date, it makes it easy to celebrate your profound change of direction in years to come.
Friday is also Veteran’s Day, of course, and thus imbued with solemn significance. The First World War ground to a halt at 11 a.m. local time on the 11th of November 1918. This, then, will be the first time the world has ever gathered to remember the fallen at a time when every last number on the clock — including the two-digit year — is 11. 
But it’s also a date to celebrate, at least for programmers who think in binary code. One group of hackers has dubbed it “Nerd New Year.”
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