Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who really needs a phone that can talk to you if no one else will?

I do not have a smart phone.  Actually, after losing my phone about a week ago, I don't have a phone at all right now.  But next week I am looking at getting a new one and I might upgrade to a smart phone.  Not an Apple, but something a little more advanced than a phone that was just a phone.  Do they even make those any more?  My big concession the last time out was texting abilities...

The iPhone 4S?  Way more phone than an old Luddite like myself needs.
Siri, Seriously: 10 Ways We're Really Using Apple's Voice Assistant [POLL]: "But once the novelty has worn off, will you really use Siri in your everyday life — or will she fade into the background, an unwanted extra like Apple’s previous iPhone voice control feature? After using the 4S for more than a week, I think Siri will enter our lives in small but vital ways. Most of these are things you could do before, but that required too many cumbersome steps that Siri can easily overcome."

iPhone 4S: Siri Politely Answers 10 Absurd Questions [PICS]: "What happened when we put the iPhone 4S’s (somewhat) intelligent agent Siri on the spot, asking her absurd questions? You’d be surprised." 

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