Saturday, October 29, 2011 Lets You Collect and Share Web Content That Matters to You [INVITES]

This could be very cool. I was just saying that this was one of the reasons why I fired up my blogs... Will this service supplement them, or replace them?

Well, more links to add into my profile... Sidebar, sure.  This might even make the header.

Follow my snips here: Lets You Collect and Share Web Content That Matters to You [INVITES]:
If you want to collect and share web content, and express your opinion in a structured fashion, where would you turn?
Certainly not Facebook or Twitter, says Ramy Adeeb, founder of, a startup launching this week in private beta to help you collect web content you want to save with your voice.
Adeeb, formerly a principal at Khosla Ventures, founded as a place where people can create collections. They’re comprised of content and opinions — appropriately termed “snips” — and they can be saved privately, or shared with friends and strangers. users clip content as they browse the web, just as they would do using any other bookmarklet, add a little commentary of their own and then plop their digital discoveries into collections.
You can think of collections as elegantly styled, topic-themed buckets for storing the web content that relates to your interests. And you can use your collections for personal reference or as curation tools to publicly demonstrate your expertise and subject-matter knowledge.
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