Saturday, January 14, 2012

Video Fail on an Animation by Jack…

Wanted to throw up a short clip The Big One made using Flipnote on his DSi, with a couple title cards to lengthen it up a little and just for the  fun of it.  It should have been a five minute project...

Something is going very wrong.  Can’t upload these things with out them jumbling.  Can’t watch them on my computers (that is almost certainly due to the age of my PCs).  But they look great in the editing software and, sometimes, they load all right to YouTube…

Not this one…

This is what I’ve been dealing with the last couple months…  One issue, at least, on each video.  Usually both.

I should clarify.  The first run through is the full screen preview mode in my editing software, the second is the YouTube file, and the final run through is the MP4 viewed with Quicktime. 

This seems to happen in a few, specific cases…  The One Day On Earth video  was jumbled by Vimeo but not by YouTube.  It was a 720p MP4 file.  It worked on Vimeo when I clipped the front end so there was no silence at the start of the video before the title card and when I uploaded a lower resolution file.

This is a known issue with these uploads, I guess, if the sound and the video “start” in different places (the audio track for the One Day video did start at the beginning, it was just quiet for the first couple second, but that seemed to throw the whole upload a couple seconds out of synch).  However, I did have the audio and video starting simultaneously on the animation video, but still got the poor result.

These problems seem to happen no matter where I upload the MP4s…  The animation looked the same, jumbled in the same ways, when uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Until I figure out how to resolve the uploading issues, I am really hesitant to start working on any of the more complicated video projects I have in the works.  Ones that I have already filmed, but haven’t edited yet.

When a little 30 second throw away clip like the animation video ends up taking a whole night to work on (and ends in failure), I am really not motivated to work on much more.

I have a couple ideas on what may be causing these issues.  Unfortunately, most of them are fairly far fetched and not likely.  Most likely is that the editing program I am using is just crap.  Unfortunately, it is the most sophisticated one I have and the only one that will handle native apple files.

Blah…  Just bitching and moaning here, mostly.  But still, since I have a lot of video projects I want to work on right now, this is still a major pain. 

I am a beginner when it comes to video editing, so I may be making some rookie mistakes that I just don’t realize that I am making, but since the results are inconsistent, sometimes videos work just fine, other times not, I am having a hard time getting to the bottom of this.

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